Irani Cafe

All it takes is red-checkered table cloths held down by glass, surrounded by the buzz of chit chat of people from far and near, wall hangings of antiques, portraits from the past and more, for it to smell like nostalgia, your old friend.

Over 200 years ago, Iran's connection with our beloved India was kindled. Parsis and Iranis came to India, and brought their cuisine with them. Humbled by their kind welcome, the culture of Irani Cafes was established. "Where there is Tea, there is Hope" indeed, the timeless drink was a strong connection between both countries.
The period between 1965 to around 2015 saw the fading charm of Irani Cafes, until we decided to bring this culture back and share what we can with our people, with the vision of making it stay this time around.

Irani Cafe was founded by the joy of cooking and serving, by two cousins, Mr. Reza and Mr. Kasem.
As a child, Reza would always head to the bakery 'bhatti' and take great interest in the making of products, and what went on behind the intricate Iranian designs of the walls. After completing his masters from New Castle University, Kasem was keen to come back home and pursue his calling.

"Hospitality has always been in our blood. Our forefathers migrated to India and since inception, got into the business of running cafes. Serving refreshing tea and bakery items was their forte. This kept passing from generation to generation and we had the inspiration in us to start a new age Irani Cafe. Thus, the idea was born in 2016."

Irani Cafe is a tasty tribute to the vanishing establishment of bun, broon and Bentwood chairs, with a bill to match an era gone by. In the early days, Kasem and Reza would begin their day at 5:00 in the morning, head to the bakery and ensure the buns would reach in time for the cafe to open at 6:00.

Over the success of the first two cafes, and an increasing demand, to which we are ever grateful and humbled by, we decided to widen our avenues and expand our brand further. It was after this that Mr. Mokhtar and Mr. Amir joined the duo to begin the Kalyani Nagar outlet, closely followed by the Magarpatta outlet.

Mokhtar, a petroleum engineer by qualification was full of energy and excitement to take his grandfathers' bygone era of the 'Irani Cafes in Poona' tradition forward. Amir was keen to breakaway from his 9 to 5 IT job routine and embark on a new journey which he recollects as a child sitting on the cash counter of his old Irani cafe in Bombay.

Together, we represent one great big family, united by the love and warmth in our hearts for Irani Cafes and everything they stand for.

Irani Cafe

From breakfast to breaks, your favourite go-to place. Irani Cafe is a trendier version of Iran's excellence.

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