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We promise you a wholesome experience with delicious and healthy meals at Irani Cafe, a trendy representation of Iran's authenticity. With your piping hot Irani Chai, try tasty and pocket friendly dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks and dinner. With a belief in quality and quantity, our doors open for you at 6:00 AM every morning!

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Irani Café across Pune

Viman Nagar Viman Nagar

Our stepping stone outlet in Viman nagar was opened in 2016 and is very close to our hearts. It's the perfect place for Viman nagar foodies to enjoy our all day breakfast menu or simply refresh themselves with a cup of classic Irani chai.

Kharadi Kharadi Kharadi

Our second outlet opened doors in 2017, which was a big move for us, foraying in an IT hub - The World Trade Center. Little did we know that the people working here would give us such a warm response. This outlet opens doors at 3 in the morning to satiate the working crowd all day.

Kalyani Nagar Kalyani Nagar

A serene and peaceful lane in Kalyani Nagar, it was perfect setting for an Irani Cafe and we couldn’t resist ourselves the moment we saw it. We opened doors in summer 2018. It's a warm place to meet your friends and family, and enjoy our classic menu amid an old school ambiance.

Magarpatta City Magarpatta City

This outlet brings back nostalgia breaking from the concrete of magarpatta city. Irani Cafe was a much needed all day breakfast place in the area. From kids to grown ups it has quickly become a local favourite since we opened our doors in winter 2018.

All Time Favourites

Breakfast to Breaks
Authentic Iranian Style


Bun Muska Chai


This classic combination always seals the deal! There is nothing more complete than Bun Maska Chai smothered with butter. Allow it to melt in your mouth and ease yourself with the warmth from each sip of Irani Chai.


Irani Black Tea


Balance the flavours of a sip of our Irani Black tea leaves, infused with rose petals and saffron, with one bite of a date. Pair it with an item out of our bakery for a truly refreshing experience.

Chicken Kheema


A balance of flavours that are bound to remind you of the simple good old days back at home! Enjoy our juicy Chicken Kheema with pav or bread until your stomach's content.

Berry Pulao


Takes you to authentic Irani with lemon flavoured rice topped with bar berries. Interesting to the tastebuds where tanginess meets rice, we're sure if you tried it out, you'd be enticed!

Omelette and Half Fry


Omelette's like they're right out of your grandmother's kitchen! Fluffy and wholesome are the words we live by. Pick your spices and leave the rest on to us. Dig in to a breakfast that is likely to uplift your mood for the rest of the day!


Bun Maska Jam


Add a sweet twist to the classic Bun Maska Jam combination and take a trip down memory lane that will leave your stomach full, but asking for more!

Our Bakery

All of our bakery goods are produced within Irani Cafe.


Our Bakery

We use a traditional wood-fired oven where most of the bread, bun and broon are baked.

Mawa Cake

Mawa Cake

Soft nostalgia, especially when paired with tea or coffee, is what Mawa Cake brings to your life. The perfect size for a quick bite, it is one of Pune's little treasured snacks.

Coconut Cake

Coconut Cake

They call it the pink of health indeed, our little coconut cakes are known to raise the spirits of children and adults alike! Smooth cream paired with cake and coconut shavings do make quite the treat.

Cream Roll

Cream Roll

A classic favourite that probably made its way from your childhood to now, crumbly and crispy, filled with creamy goodness, our cream rolls are a tempting call for a quick snack with hot coffee or tea!


Our Bakery

We believe in serving you our freshest produce, straight out of the oven!

Explore Our Menu

Let's talk over tea, or any of our other beverages!

Irani Black Tea

Irani Chai


Bourn Vita



Our Story

Irani Cafe is a tasty tribute to the vanishing establishment of bun, broon and Bentwood chairs, with a bill to match an era gone by. It was founded by the joy of cooking and serving, by two cousins, Mr. Reza and Mr. Kasem. As a child, Reza would always head to the bakery 'bhatti' and take great interest in the making of products, and what went on behind the intricate Iranian designs of the walls. After completing his masters from New Castle University, Kasem was keen to come back home and pursue his calling.
Hospitality has always been in our blood. Our forefathers migrated to India and since inception, got into the business of running cafes. Serving refreshing tea and bakery items was their forte. This kept passing from generation to generation and we had the inspiration in us to start a new age Irani Cafe. Thus, the idea was born in 2016.
Sayed Mohammed Reza. D (MBA Biotech)
Kasemali Khajehnoori (Masters in Hospitality Management, Newcastle University UK)

Authentic Irani Cuisine


Irani Cafe Updates

Dec 10 Bani J visited Irani Cafe in Magarpatta
Dec 12 Irani Cafe is available on Zomato, Swiggy & Uber Eats
25 Nov Featured on the UpperCrust Magazine
Jan 14 The Senior Citizens Cycling Group visited
Bringing to Pune an original
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Heart Winning

Our Irani Café has been blessed to receive love from young and old customers from all the walks of life. That’s the biggest award we have earned. We promise to continue to serve tasty, hygiene high and yet pocket friendly Irani food.

Party Orders, Group Orders

We believe life is better with friends and family. If you've got a big order, Irani Cafe would be happy to supply it to you! Please fill in the form to inquire or order.



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